With my production finished all that is left is for me to show you the final video, in its intended cinematic form.

:: Cinematic Video ::

See below the finished video, without audio commentary.

:: Retrospective Commentary ::

I thought it would be nice to deliver my final thoughts on the work I produces through a video commentary, rather than more text.

:: Changing the Video ::

While there were issues described in the above video I couldn’t fix there was a lot I could help mitigate by further editing in Premiere Pro. The main issue I needed to rectify was the feeling of being pulled along the viewer felt when watching in VR.

Firstly, I extended the duration of the shots where the camera is stationary, allowing the viewer to look around the world while static to really help them get their bearings in the environment. I mentioned how rushed the ending of the sequence felt previously, which I addressed by drastically increasing the length of the shot where the camera Is briefly still after the final figure delivers her line. This hopefully gives the viewer enough to time simulate them seeing the book on the table organically.

I think the edited video is much improved over the original, by stretching the shots where I can and adding fade to blacks before the shots where the camera is moving I both give the viewer time to gather a footing and simulate the viewer having pressed a button or otherwise selected the option to move, rather than simply being flung around the environment. I do still have some movement, so the viewer is aware they are moving; but by cutting most of the actual camera movement the viewer can process that they are changing position without getting motion sickness.