The 'Football Manager' of MMA Games

‘Sign your fighters, train and mentor them through their careers. Grow the gym of champions!’   

Example Game Assets:

The key element of the game title will be training randomly generated fighters and improving the player gym, to unlock new training methods and increase the gym reputation. The game will therefore feature several assets and environments which can be built upon and developed through the players in game choices. For example, a basic fence octagon turning into the more traditional one seen on television.

The art style of MMA manager will be low poly realistic 3D. This will allow the title to advertise real time 3D fights, while keeping the system requirements as low as possible to not block any PC playing audiences from playing the game.

MMA Manager Gameplay Loop:

Here you can see the core gameplay loop of MMA Manager. Naturally, this will be expanded on during development but should insure that the gameplay at its most basic is a fun and engaging foundation which we can build and expand upon.

Financial Plan

We are aiming to secure around £5 million for the complete development of MMA Manager. Through our industry research we believe this figure to be a realistic amount for the complete development of our ‘double A’ title.

Why should you invest in MMA Manager?

The sport of MMA has blossomed in popularity over the past twenty years, yet the gaming market remains painfully underutilised. Where Football has three major titles being released across all platforms every year, there is but a single MMA title being released every two years solely on the Playstation and Xbox consoles.

This leaves MMA Manager in a prime position to be the sole MMA title on PC and possibly Nintendo Switch. Allowing us to establish our title before the major gaming publishers decide to act on the sports ever booming popularity.  

About Fight Night Games

We at Fight Night Games believe in an open and fair working environment. Our staff enjoy several benefits including relocation support, on site free gym access, and generous holiday, sick and maternity/paternity pay. We also operate under a no crunch working environment and are proud to support UK wide universities by offering yearlong internships for students across a range of varying roles.  

Interested? Contact the development team below:

Twitter: @fightnightgames